Purpose – I think I have one

At this point, this blog is nothing, and will stay that way, at least for a time.

My purpose here is to explore and share my attempts at learning digital photography, from my start, which just occurred until the blog falls to the wayside (which knowing me could be very shortly, or years).  I will discuss both learning processes for using my camera, picture composition as well as post-production work attempting to take RAW images and make them what we want to see.

I have interests in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography as well as Landscape photography, but there will undoubtedly be other types of photographs taken.

My current equipment consists of an Olympus E-PL2 with the kit 14-42mm lens for the Micro 4/3 format.  As/If that evolves, I will make sure to make a note of it in the appropriate places.

I hope some people find this and gain some direction, or help from it, maybe if only to learn from what I’m doing that they don’t like.  If not, at least I will use it as a way for me to look at what I have done over the time of my photographic life and hopefully feel growth.

For now, that is my purpose for this blog.  As my good friend is fond of saying, “Stay Creative”


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