Back from Ireland

Well, I have returned from Ireland with over 4,000 images in tow.  A lot will never see the light of day, the beauty of a guided tour is that you get to see so many things in a short period of time.  One of the nasty sides is that you are forced to do so from a bus a lot of times.  I took a great number of pictures out of a bus window so that I could remember it for the future, however, they weren’t the images that I will make any use of outside of just pure pleasure to enjoy.

With that being said, my first image to take from there isn’t going to show much of Ireland, but instead a picture I just really like.  In our hotel in Dublin Ireland, we didn’t really have a great view, because of another brick building in front of us, but above that, we did have a nice skyline.  (A country full of ancient castles and cathedrals can do that to your skyline)  My wife was looking out the window and I decided to get behind her and take a picture without her knowing.

The original settings on the camera were: ISO 200 , f/1.7 , Shutter Speed 1/640 sec.  I used a Lumix 20mm pancake lens with my Olympus E-PL2 camera.  Here is the unedited image that came out with just conversion from RAW to JPG.

My wife looking out the window - Unedited

I liked the image, but I wanted to soften it a little and increase the exposure on her so there is a little more detail to see.  I used lightroom to make the changes that I wanted and here is what I did:

I took the Adjustment Brush and brushed her.  From there I increased the exposure to 1.17 to show a little more detail on her and some more of her visually.

Next I took the same tool, made a new one and brushed the extremely stark white sky.  I adjusted its exposure to -1.00.

I moved the Black Clipping from 5 down to 3, changed the contrast from +25 to +47 to make the shadows lines a little sharper.

I decreased the Saturation down to -29 from zero to wash out the overall picture a little bit, and added in a touch of vibrancy at +49 so that some of the colors would still come through and this was the end result.

My wife looking out the window

I’m sure not everything I did was necessary, or even if my actions partially counteracted one another (saturation down, vibrancy up) but I was very happy with the overall result and I felt it really made this picture a bit more intimate in my mind.  Any suggestions on what I should change or should or should not have done?


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