An Addition for Katie’s Camera Blog

In response to Katie’s comment on my last post, I decided to try to find a happy medium, a place for both a little more emphasis on the water, and a little less emphasis on the sky.  How did I do?


5 responses to “An Addition for Katie’s Camera Blog

  1. I think balance is something I tend to lack once I start editing. I get carried away with all the changes I can make and start taking the reality out of the image.

    This photograph was a challenge for me to make, because as I make changes, I keep having that, “Just a tad more” attitude that leaves me with sometimes an oversaturated photograph, such as my original image, and sometimes, while I love the colors, they can take the form out of the image and overpower.

    I like this one for what it is to me, a lesson learned that more isn’t always better. As you said, I’m drawn to both sides now, not just the sky or the water, it’s just a matter of me stepping back and allowing myself to take something that was well done and only tweaking it instead of remaking it.

    My overall opinion is that I like the sky less, but I like the photograph more. And I don’t think there is a way for me to get the sky where I want it without negatively impacting the rest of the image, which is what you said originally, the sky overpowers the water, which is an integral part of the shot.

    Thank you for the feedback and for the visual direction. 🙂

    • I agree balance can be a bit difficult, as you see something you/can want to improve, but then it can leave something a bit off, but then you’re not sure what you’re doing, because you really love what you’ve done. 🙂

      Even in your first edited photo, it wasn’t like some over saturated photos, I’ve seen. It just drew my eye totally away from the other part of the photo. Which isn’t bad necessarily. I just loved the play on the water. I love color too, and it’s so tempting sometimes to saturate away, but I like things to look natural too. I love this photo of yours because it was more natural, and there was a peaceful feel to it. So great job!

      I’m so glad you’re open to some suggestions. I’m not the be all and end all to what is right visually, but I’m glad I got you to think some. 🙂 Good luck with your photography! And have fun! You have a good eye, I think!

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