The Visiting Twins

In my family, currently, there are two young twins, who are the sons of my wife’s cousin.  These kids are really great kids, and while I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with them, I did have the opportunity over a recent weekend to have them visit our house after watching Disney on Ice.

I’ve never tried child photography, I didn’t really think about it prior to that day, but while they were there, I just thought, “What the heck, I need to take some Photos.”  And so I did.  Out of those photos, I’d like to share the story of their visit, along with a slight bit of the photography behind it.  First off, my house is HORRIBLY lit, very low, yellow light that almost requires a huge ISO or a very slow shutter speed.  (In some areas both), but as they arrived, the twins were already showing their alternate personalities, one was happy, the other sad.

Twins showing their different personalities

As they got used to the fact they weren’t in the car anymore, it was time for their lunch, so they sat down at our table and waited to be served.

Can I have an Apple?

As they were sitting there, one of the boys asked for one of our apples, so polite!  Anyway, they ate and the family visited for a time and they all got to know my baby, a Golden Retriever named Piper.  She’s a 1 year old beauty and we are so fond of her.  The boys had not really gotten to meet her yet and she mostly left them alone while they ate, but afterward we headed to the yard to play.

Here’s my Piper laying in the yard next to one of her balls that she LOVES to fetch.  The story behind this is that Piper will fetch, and I mean fetch till she falls over exhausted if given the chance.  And she gets impatient if you don’t throw the ball, and, well, she followed the boys around as they wanted to play with HER balls. 🙂

Piper sitting with her ball enjoying the sun

As the boys came out, they picked up Piper’s ball and she started following them around to get it, but the boys just weren’t sure about this much larger dog that they had never met before.  She definitely outweighed the cat that they are used to seeing.

My Ball Little Guy!

Piper wasn’t aggressive, she just followed the balls around, and kept nosing the twins hands encouraging them to throw the balls.  I think one of the twins just wanted to keep the ball for himself though as he tries to sneak out of Piper’s notice with the ball.

Did I get away with a ball?

Eventually we taught the boys how to play fetch with Piper and they really got into it!  We were so excited for them as they seemed to be having a blast!  

Go Get It!

The final step for these two guys was to pet the dog, because while they would throw the ball and yell, “Go Get It!” in their cute little kid voices, they were still a little skittish to pet Piper.  So my wife got down and worked on encouraging them to pet our pretty brown girl and it finally worked in a very small spurt.

Can I pet her?

almost close enough!

I touched her!

After Piper had been sufficiently worn out, their Papaw decided to teach them a little bit about photography himself and worked with them with their camera.  I hope you all enjoyed my story about the visit of the twins!

Say Cheese!

Starting them young to breed the love


2 responses to “The Visiting Twins

    • Melissa, I’m glad you liked it, I really enjoyed having them there and personally, I loved taking the photographs too. This is still one of my favorite posts because seeing the twins interact with Piper was both fun for me, but encouraging as well that when Belinda and I have kids, she will be able to interact with them well. 🙂

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