A Cemetery Sunset

In response to Zack’s post about cropping the original image for a strong contrasting foreground while retaining the sunset in the cemetery, I have taken his advice and made the crop to the original image.  You will notice that while I would think the intention is for me to have a fairly small black foreground, I attempted to keep this image within the rule of thirds, thus leaving the tree line at 1/3  and the large darker cloud at the top at 2/3 to stay within some of the “rules” that have been shown to make for pleasing photography.  What do you guys think, does this salvage that photograph and make it work, even with my unintended underexposure?

The Sunset at the Cemetery


2 responses to “A Cemetery Sunset

  1. Firstly, thank you for your visit and kind comment, it is appreciated!…:)

    I’m loving your sunset shot!, I can’t get enough of those fiery sky shots that we get at the end of either a watery day or just that misty evening…… I think your crop works well after finding the foreground so dark at full frame, but to be honest I’d be filling that frame with the sky and just use a little silhouette in the foreground (I don’t like playing by the rules all the time)…….:))



    • No problem, the comment was deserved, I loved that photograph.

      Well, I really wanted to get the cemetery in there, I just failed at it 🙂 After that, I didn’t want to reduce the photo too much, but I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from, it would look good that way, I agree.

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