Cliffs of Moher Panoramic View

So, while I was in Ireland, I had the idea to basically hold down the burst mode button and wave my hand around to get a panoramic shot of some of the more scenic parts of Ireland.  One of those spots was the Cliffs of Moher (or Mohr depending on who you ask).  Now, to start off with, I used a free program called Hugin to stitch the pictures together, it did a pretty respectable job of the actual stitching.

The big problem I’m seeing is that I’m taking pictures of something somewhat close and something far away, so you can see as the cliffs get farther, they fade out a bit.  Ireland is foggy by nature and this isn’t really surprising, but I didn’t expect to see it that much.  Regardless, I think it’s fun to have a nice clean shot of the cliffs, and this encompasses a good deal of their glory.  I will revisit the cliffs at another date with a larger variety of photographs, but for now, my cliff panorama.  Definitely click on it to see the large version, at the left hand side, you will see people on top of the cliffs and hopefully that will give you a sense of scope (if a picture can ever do something this size justice)

Panoramic shot of the Cliffs of Moher

I hope you guys like it, it was an amazingly beautiful bit of scenery to me that I wanted to share.


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