Macro Plant life

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lens built for Macro photography, but I really wanted to do some close-up type work, so I sat there and messed with my lens to find as close as I could get and still have the lens focus on the subject.  The big issue I’m starting to run into is lack of light.  It’s getting dark awfully early out here, and my camera doesn’t perform well at high ISO’s.  Also, it was windy, so being able to get a fast exposure is important as well.  Regardless of these limitations, I did find a few photos that I liked, so here are a couple shots from my “macro” world.

The first is a set of berries that are growing in our distended flower bed by the house.


Next I found this tiny bug sitting in the center of a weed in that same flower bed. (We really need to get that cleaned up next year)

And After that I have a Dandelion in the dark. You will notice a glowing orb behind it, which you may mistake for the moon.  This is actually the parking lot light at Arby’s behind our house 🙂

And here is one where I use my flashlight as a bit of a spotlight for the Dandelion

And for the final one, the closest picture I could get my camera to focus with.

I hope you all have enjoyed the Macro Plants.


9 responses to “Macro Plant life

    • Thank you, this was my first attempt at Macro shots. I’m considering upgrading my camera, but I haven’t decided yet, so I’m stuck not wanting to spend money on lenses until I know if I’ll have this camera for a while or another one.

      I also like that photo, it is fun to see all the little hairs on each seed. Of course today I went out there and it was all bare so those beautiful little seeds are likely sitting germinating in my grass now. 😦

      Thank you for the comment, I’m glad you visit regularly.

      • I know how it is about more camera equipment. I’m hoping to get money to upgrade to a full frame camera, and that means some different lenses, so I know how it goes. I think you’d love a macro lens though. You see into another world. It’s so much fun. 🙂

        I love that photo for the hairs too, and the way the flower is off center. I chuckled at your comment that all the seeds are now in your grass. Those pesky weeds. 😉

        Love your site, so no problem visiting. 🙂

    • Thanks Steve, I had no idea what it was, I appreciate the information.

      Even more specifically, after researching, I found out this is poisonous and in my backyard with my dog. I’ll be pulling this out tonight! Thanks for stopping by and for the information!

      • I do not know if she has or not, she got sick two days ago (the day I found and photographed this) but hasn’t shown any other signs and it doesn’t LOOK like it’s been chewed on. She does like to eat a lot of plants though (she even ate a rose bush stem and all) so I’m not sure, with her it may be better to be safe than sorry.

        It is pretty though, isn’t it?

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