A Wayward Bat

I feel bad for this poor little guy, there was a bat hanging onto one of the buildings near work downtown.  I grabbed my iphone and snapped a couple shots of him from close range and he didn’t even budge.  He must have been very tired to ignore me like that.

I hope he flies off and finds his way home tonight, I’m afraid if he stays that low to the ground in that area, someone will mess with him.  Regardless, I wanted to share the cute little guy with everyone.


5 responses to “A Wayward Bat

  1. Maybe he’s fine and he was just having some rest. They sleep at daytime, don’t they? How big was he? I’ve never seen bats of such bright orange color. Let us know if you see him again there. But hopefully he’ll be flying home soon.

    • They do sleep at daytime. He was smaller than a baseball. I just worry since someone said he was there two days in a row. At that height it is just a matter of time till someone messes with him.

      • Well, then I think there might me something wrong with him, maybe he has a health problem. I’m not sure if there are special services in that place that could take care of him or some vets to consult. I know nothing about bats, unfortunately.

      • I don’t know of anyone in my area to help take care of him (I also know nothing about bats), but I’ll ask the guys out by that building if he was there that morning as well. I’m sure he’s hunting at night then coming back there to his new “home”, I wouldn’t worry if he were higher up, but he’s right at head height for people.

        Too adorable though!

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