Classic Beauty

So, every day I drive by this old truck that is for sale.  It’s beautiful, it’s full of character, and I love it, so I decided I needed to take a photograph of it.  We have had some dreary days recently, and I haven’t been too fond of the lighting, so I decided to do this one in HDR.  This truck is just a beauty, and while I like my photo, I don’t really think I truly did it justice.  Regardless, I used my normal Olympus E-PL2 with the kit lens.  The original exposure was at f/22 with a 3.2 second exposure with the ISO at its lowest of 200.  From there, I took 5 shots, at exposure intervals of 1.

Here’s the main exposure shot.

From there, I put that and it’s 4 friends into Photomatix and went to work.

I found that with Photomatix, when doing tone mapping, I tend to keep the strength all the way up.  I turned the smoothing and Microcontrast up to 4.0 to get what I feel is a good amount of detail in the colors.  I also upped the Black point to bring out the truck a little more, and because I found the truck too and the overall shot too light.

A drop in the Gamma and a few other tweaks and out popped a processed image.  After that, I ran it through Noiseware to clear out some of the noise, and put it back into Lightroom.  I cropped it and did some work on the spot at the left over the power lines.  Finally, a few color adjustments to clean up the sky a little and then I exported this image that is my end result.

I’m going to go back on another day and do this again, but hopefully with better light and angles and try it again.  I’ll also keep better track of my workflow so I can give a more specific rundown of what I did to make the changes, but overall, I’m ecstatic with the end result of this shot.

What do you guys think? Suggestions?


6 responses to “Classic Beauty

    • Yeah, that old truck did all the heavy lifting in this photo through it’s beauty and character. I was lucky that I was able to capture a decent amount of it.

      I intend to go back out there and try again with a few different angles and some different light. I’m not a fan of the businesses hanging out over the truck bed and would like to get rid of them.

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