Headbutts of Love

So previously I showed the deep bond between my wonderful wife and my dog Piper in the post Puppy Love, but that isn’t our only wonderful pet, or the only pet who has a very deep bond with my wife.  You see, Piper is “our” dog, she loves us both and we can both get these loving reactions out of her, she just loves her family.  Ellie is my wife’s cat.  She will totally ignore me to love on my wife, and she is the most affectionate cat (to my wife) that I have ever met.

Every night like clockwork, she comes to bed and starts rubbing her head up against my wife’s face.  This happens around 10- 1030PM and it’s like a nightly ritual.  There is definitely a lot of affection there.  Anyway, I decided to leave my bedside light on and snap a few pictures of this one night.  I will admit, it was low light and hard to get shots that weren’t a total blur, but here they are, sans my wife’s face. 🙂


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