And They All Fall Down

We have a guest photographer for the blog today, my wife!

I league bowl, and I didn’t get to bowl last week, so to keep up on my bowling, I had my wife come with me to the alley to bowl with me.  I’ve been too embarrassed to take my camera into the alley during League, (not to mention that the other teams would be mad at the distraction) so I took it with me today.

Now unfortunately, my wife is what we call a slow bowler, so there isn’t a lot of action when she hits the pins and I wasn’t able to get any good action shots.  The alley is also very dark, so the shots were taken at full ISO for my camera to get a shutter speed that we could work with and the shots are still dark.  I did a variety of different editing techniques on these shots to make them a bit different, so without further ado; this is bowling through my wife’s eyes, as she took all four of these photos.

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