Pets in Cuteness

I wasn’t happy with my last post.  It’s nice to have a moon shot up, but the photos weren’t pleasing to me, so I’ve decided to try another post.  This one is of the beautiful Piper and Ellie, both of my wonderful babies.

We had a box sitting next to our laundry room that my wife had brought home from work.  It had food or somesuch that she had used for a potluck.  And Ellie apparently loved to hang out in the box.  I tried to get a shot of her jumping out, but my camera just didn’t want to have that kind of shutter speed in our crappy house lights.  But I did get this adorable shot of her!

But also, though the two rarely get along, (Ellie doesn’t really like Piper all that much) occasionally you can find them together.  And when they do, you sometimes see them acting as a unit, like when they watch my wife cook.  Here’s a beautiful shot of the two looking at my wife cook dinner as they both want the food.


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