New Watermark

So, when I started this out, I didn’t put a watermark on my photos because I didn’t feel it necessary and I didn’t know how.  But later a few people mentioned that it might be nice to put them on my photos so that if they show up elsewhere, it might help people find their way back to me.

However, my watermark has been ugly and intrusive, partially due to me being lazy and partially due to me not really knowing what I was doing.  However, I also was just using the name of my blog and as I spoke with my good friend, he had an idea create something a little nicer for me (as well as suggestions on how to and not to use the one I have and the new one)

You may have seen comments between he and I in the past, we have been best friends for as long as I’ve been a teenager and we argue like an old married couple, but that’s part of the familiarity we have for each other.  His name is Zachary.  Regardless, we worked on this probably for about 2 weeks going through different ideas of what I wanted, what was a good idea and a bad idea and all kinds of other design pieces.  He’s a graphic designer and a great one at that, so after taking his advice into account, and giving suggestions based on my gut, here is what we ended with.

I have included it with the photo of a tree in Ireland that inspired the new watermark.


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