Bath Time!

So today I took the beautiful Piper to get a bath.  I went to our local Pet Store and put her in the tub and washed her up nice and clean.  She wasn’t a fan of the bath or the dryers, but it makes her SO much prettier!

The big fun part of taking her for her bath is that she gets to ride in the car, and in typical dog fashion, she loves the riding and loves her head out the window.  So at great risk to Piper, my camera and myself, I snapped a few photos as we went down the road.  Here’s Piper on her way to her bath!


And here’s Piper on the way home!


7 responses to “Bath Time!

  1. This makes me so glad I wasn’t on the roads near you on Saturday.

    Also, I really like the composition on the first image, with so much negative space above the focal point. It’s one of those things I can’t entirely explain why I like it other than referencing the golden ratio…and also to imagine that Piper is pretending to fly in the wind and that the open sky reinforces that.

    I like the second image as well (but I’m a bit of a sucker for reflections and the like), though I would have looked on cropping it a bit tighter and making it more horizontal. I just don’t think the negative space below the mirror works as well here; rather than adding to the shot it feels like dead weight to me.

  2. Thanks, I think I was focusing on the “Rule of Thirds” when I cropped that shot, but I also don’t hold to it too strictly, so it was a bit off. That could point a bit to the golden ratio on a purely accidental, but fortunate level.

    I love reflections shots myself, it was a much “safer” shot to take, so I’m glad it worked out. I like the negative space personally, I feel it helps give the shot some upward movement, but I didn’t try it without, maybe I can go in and crop some more and see what I think just in general to go for a more horizontal shot. I’ll post it here in a few to see if you like it that way.

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