The Learning Curve

So, I got my camera about a week before I left for Ireland.  Ireland is… amazing and the scenery everywhere was picturesque and beautiful.  I’ve now been using this camera steadily for about 2 months, and boy I wish now me could go back and tag along with then me and work the camera a little better.  Compositionally, technically and speed-wise, I am just so far ahead of where I was then.  Not to mention all the reading I’ve done on photography since then.  I just have so many shots I could have done a 1000 times better with if I had known what I was doing at the time.  (I’m not saying I KNOW what I’m doing now, but I know better than I did)

Here’s a shot I took at the Ireland National Park in Killarny.  I had to work so hard to get the background not to be this faded out blah of a background, and my depth of field is so far off from where I would want it to be because I used f/4.6 on a 70mm lens.  I just want to walk back there and smack past me on the back of the head for not knowing that smaller apertures cause a larger depth of field and not vice-versa.

Anyway, I’ve done what I could with this shot to clean it up and make it presentable, I loved the tree, I liked my composition, I just wish I could make a few edits and change some camera settings.  Oh well, you live you learn, maybe I’ll get to go back some day and try again.


4 responses to “The Learning Curve

  1. I like this post. And the image. I think it’s true of most photographers. Taking a shot and later slapping our heads and going, if only I had done that. It happens to the best of us I think. But you’ve shown, that shooting, shooting, shooting is how you learn. 🙂

    • It is truly how you learn, I agree. I just wish that I hadn’t had the very beginning of my learning curve be in a place so important to me. It was the trip I had wanted to take my entire life, and I wanted to capture it in all its glory, and while I did get some great memories, and much better than “vacation photo” quality shots in a lot of places, I’d love to have some artist level shots as well.

      Oh well, it just gives me an excuse to return in the future 🙂

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