The Obligatory Fall Leaves Post

So we have this tree in our front yard that has decided to go all orange/red/yellow on us instead of its normal green, apparently that has something to do with the weather.  Well, since it decided to go beautiful on us, I decided to take photos of it.  So here is our full tree with a slight reflection in the top of my car.

From there, I decided to get closer in and see what we could find.

One of the easiest things to find in the tree is a nice set of leaves with decent character for photography.  Here’s one set I particularly liked.  I hope you like the differences in shades as you go backward into the light.

After that, I wanted to play around a bit with the light coming through the trees, so here’s the first shot of that.

And this second one, I worked really hard to create a little sunburst, but I wanted it contained and not too massive, so this is what we got.

This is by far my favorite picture of the set


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