Duo-Tone Dummy

So, this photo was not taken by me, it was taken by my favorite guest photographer, my wife.  We were in Ireland at Ladies View, and I just had to pose for this amazing shot.  The entire time, my wife was yelling at me (as were other tourist wives as their husbands went out on that rock I’m sitting on) and while you can’t tell from this perspective, it’s because behind that rock is a sheer drop that would kill anyone who fell off it.

You see, it may not look it, but we are WAY up in the air for this shot.  Anyway, I was still thinking about that shooting challenge for a Duo-Tone shot I mentioned in the previous Shooting Challenge Post and so I decided to give it another shot.  I am fairly certain, that with the two colors I chose, that I am breaking some over-arcing design or art rule and ruining the entire photo, but for some reason it appealed to me anyway.  I took a darker blue and a somewhat brownish-yellow as my two tones, obviously applying the blue to the shadows and the yellow/brown to the highlights, and you get what I feel is an interesting contrast.  I guess the colors themselves are (yellow/brown) Hue 51 – Saturation 79 and (blue) Hue 235 – Saturation 89.

I would really like to know what people think about this overall, as I obviously am going out on a limb and trying something different and feedback is always good.  Feel free to comment with something as simple as “I hate it” if that’s your feel.


2 responses to “Duo-Tone Dummy

  1. I think you might have done better to pick at least one tone that wasn’t mid-range. I think by picking two mid-range tones, you’ve kind of hindered the contrast and ended up with an image too ‘grey.’ Either your warm tone needs to be brighter or your blue darker. It ends up feeling kind of in that halfway point between being pleasantly subtle and interestingly intense for me.

    Or maybe it’s just not the right image for this process. I think there’s good contrast in the foreground, but the photo is almost dominated by background which feels visually boring in this process.

    I know those are somewhat scattered thoughts…but that’s what I’ve got for now. And kudos for trying new things.

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