Photo Challenge Week 1

So, one of the things photography bloggers are “supposed to do” are photo challenges.  So I found one that looked mildly interesting, at least in looking at the this week and last week’s challenge, so, here goes.  I’m going to start participating in a Weekly Photography Challenge at VFXY Photos.

I don’t know how busy this challenge is, maybe I’m going against 5 people week in and week out, but here goes.

The theme for this week is Pizza, I attempted two finished Photos.  The first is just a shot I took of Pizza, where I wanted the pizza to stretch on for a long time and to go in and out of focus showing off the depth of field.


Past that, I also noticed the weekly challenge with Gizmodo spoke about duo-tone photos, which I’m not familiar with.  I did some research on how to do the technique, and while this is not a subject that will lend itself well to it, I just wanted to play around and try it out.

So I’m showing the result just so people can see it, not because I think it is truly good. 😛



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