Lilies in Late Fall

Lilies are beautiful flowers.  They have these giant gorgeous blooms and they look fantastic!  I bought several bulbs last year and planted them for us to have lilies in our front flower trough/bin/garden/bed whatever you call that thing in front of your house that you historically plant pretty things in.

Anyway, these beautiful lilies have flowers, and they look fantastic, then one day, they don’t.  And a little farther down the line, they go brown.  A couple months later, they are still standing, monuments to what they were back 3 – 4 months ago, with nothing but these black/brown stalks to show for it.  So here are two of our beautiful lilies after the main body has died and the bulb under the ground is biding its time to come back and sprout again next year.


And another for good measure


And here I bet you thought you were going to see some beautiful lilies with their flowers all bloomed and beautiful to spice up our fall scenery. 😛


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