Moon Behind Clouds

This shot wasn’t what I intended, it’s apparently very difficult to get both the clouds and a well exposed moon.  However, I did enjoy the clouds themselves, so I will go ahead and post the shot as a quick one.

So here goes.


4 responses to “Moon Behind Clouds

  1. It is very difficult to get clouds and the moon, as you’ve found out. Either you expose for the moon, and the clouds are under exposed, or you expose for the clouds and the moon is over exposed. I can appreciate your pain. 🙂 I like this though. Kind of mysterious.

    • Thank you, I liked it too, which is why I posted it, even if I didn’t get what I “wanted”

      I’m still trying to decide if I can change camera settings enough to get both and mix without moving the camera on my tripod.

      I’m not sure I can.

    • Absolutely, I think the trick is changing exposure settings without moving the camera at all, then mixing, it’s just not easy. If either of us figures it out, we need to share with the other!

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