Mooning The Audience

So, I sat there thinking to myself, what to post, what to post.  I have this collection of pictures ready for the next few days that I’ve worked on, but I can’t decide what to put on here.  Since I did a moon photo last night, I’ll finish up the moon photos I have in this little collection so that I can move to a new subject tomorrow.

So without any extra blah blah, here you go.

The almost full moon: Shot at ISO 200, 150mm (Micro 4/3’s sensor), f/5.6 and 1/500 sec, some minor post processing and a major crop job later:

The completely full moon: Shot at ISO 200, 150mm (Micro 4/3’s sensor) f/5.6 and 1/125 sec, too high and requiring significant work in lightroom to decrease the exposure.  I wish I had a higher shutter speed shot, but I wasted a lot of time on the next shot.


So, the last shot, which I’m utterly and completely unhappy with is an HDR of the moon over the horizon with some clouds.  The issue that I ran into was that it’s REALLY hard to expose a moon and still get anything else, and the tripod I grabbed wasn’t my super nice sturdy one, so trying to break out a very low exposure moon, a slightly lower exposure moon for the clouds and moving around that range, then switch to the high exposures needed for the trees and other scenery, was almost impossible.

So I just took the bright moon, and it’s “heat wave” into the clouds and I’m sharing it anyways, because this is about the journey, the good and the bad, so here’s some of my bad.

So there you go, I have mooned the audience, I hope it was enjoyable for you all.




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