Green Eyed Monster

In the past I have shown a lot of my golden retriever Piper and not too much of the beautiful Ellie, my black cat.  Well today, I’m going to rectify that.  You see, my tough choice from yesterday was do I show a photo of the leaf flying, my black cat or my golden retriever.  Well, I started with the leaf, am going to show Ellie today, and then go to Piper tomorrow.

So, I was borrowing a friend’s lens for my new camera to try out, it is the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and I wanted to see what kinds of photos it took.  I’m jaunting around the house, testing out it’s “fastness” and clarity and bokeh and just generally making myself a pain to my wife and all my animals as I keep capturing their pictures.  On top of that, Ellie, for whatever reason, runs from the camera when the focus beeps.  Except this ONE shot, where she looked right at me, and posed so pretty.  I bet after seeing my little green eyed monster, you’ll be jealous of her beauty.  So here is the shot of her.

The EXIF Data is: Canon 50mm f/1.8 on a Rebel T3i, ISO 1600, f/1.8, 1/20sec

After I loved this photo, I went ahead and decided to do another duotone, this time just attempting to let it flow with the picture a little more.  I didn’t want to go too harsh as I wanted her black coat to shine through, but I also wanted her eyes to get a bit of character from it.  The colors were essentially grey in the highlights and an almost tan color for the shadows and I balanced it a bit toward the brown side.  I hope you guys like it, it’s the first duotone I’ve done that I liked.


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