The Puppy Eyes

So, in yesterday’s post I mentioned that today’s post would have Piper in it.  So it is time to look at the photos I took of Piper.  These were also taken with my new Canon T3i and the kit lens that came with it. (18-55mm)  I was trying to think of interesting angles and ways to get a picture of Piper, as she often makes some of the most interesting faces.  She has so much personality, and it needs to be captured, so here is another one of her favorite activities, which is tugging on a rope.

Photo One was taken at ISO 500, 21mm focal length, f/3.5 at 1/40sec.  I love the slight motion visible in this.

The second photo was taken at ISO 500, at 20mm, f/3.5 and a slower shutter speed of 1/30sec.  However, I got her in a stiller moment, so here she is in more of a freeze frame.


Finally, I took a shot of Piper’s eye, looking to get a little soul.  I’m not sure I succeeded at the soul, but I really love the coloring of this shot.  I did a duotone and I love the combinations of the green with the orange/golden color that is somewhat close to her natural color.

It was shot at ISO 1600, 55mm, f/5.6 and 1/8sec.  I’m surprised she stayed still enough for this photo.



4 responses to “The Puppy Eyes

  1. • I think motion blur works better when there’s something crisp and still in the photo to compare it to, and there’s not really any point of clarity in your first photo; I like where it’s going, and what you tried to do though. I just don’t think it’s nearly as successful as the second shot — which I love.

    • I like how the background and the foreground are both out of focus, and that the focus of the drama (the tug of war) is also the focus of the photo (the point between mouth and rope). I’m not sure I would normally suggest it but in this image I really like the personal p.o.v. with the rope coming straight at the viewer. The image ends up with a lot going for it. My only criticism really would be to suggest clearing out your background before taking the images, as I find it more distracting to the image than beneficial.

    • I’m not sure I would call this a success either. I know it’s a difficult shot to set up and get, but I’m not getting much ‘soul’ from this image. Overall, it’s just not very interesting to me…the eye is centered, there’s a lot of dead space around it, and not much contrast (tonally or spatially), the eye itself is in pretty deep shadow which I think really hinders any ability to get that ‘soulful’ feeling you were going for.

    • Thanks on the second one, both shots were hard as holding the camera and actually playing tug of war makes a still shot, or stillness with blur almost impossible.

      As for the 3rd, I agree and said as much in my paragraph before the shot. But I felt like posting it and explaining why I took the shot and what I wanted anyway.

  2. Great toning on the last picture there! in some ways i think it’s a pity it turned out slightly blurred…but in another way it works. Gives it some dynamic!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

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