Just some cute little Daisies

So, here is a photo I took of some daisies (or maybe it’s a weed that looks like a daisy) in my yard.  It was windy and they wouldn’t stop flapping around, so this is the only shot I got that was crisp.  Also, along with the wind, it was already getting fairly dark outside (stupid fall/winter) so I had a high ISO to even get the remotely fast (and it isn’t fast) shutter speed I used.

I hope you all like it, it’s one that I was kind of partial too, especially how nicely the depth of field took out all but the general main focus.

ISO 1600, 48mm, f/5.6, 1/25sec.  Canon T3i 18-55 kit lens.


2 responses to “Just some cute little Daisies

  1. I like the focus on the photo, but overall, the colors seem a bit dull. I understand it was taken during overcast weather, so I don’t know what more you could (or could not) have done to brighten the image. I would just be curious to see more contrast and intensity in the color.

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