Cat in Motion

So I’ve been trying and trying to figure out a way to get a shot of Ellie jumping and freezing it in our not so light house.  So I finally bit the bullet and went to ISO 6400 just to capture the shots.

I’m not particularly proud of the graininess of these shots, but I was just happy to get a general freeze of her motion.  Here are the shots.

Both are at ISO 6400, 18mm, f/3.5, 1/500 sec with a Canon T3i

On her way down from our counters


On her way back up


4 responses to “Cat in Motion

  1. I have less issue with the graininess (it doesn’t bother me much) as I do with the colors (which are rather bland) and the composition (which feels awkward). The top image works better in that your intended focus, Ellie, stands out from the background slightly better. I feel like what you’re going for is partially the cat’s form in mid-flight, but also the fact that you’re capturing her in mid-flight, and the backgrounds of both these images are the same tone as the cat, and busier than the floor; which oddly ends up feeling the most open and airy part of the composition.
    That being said, I realize you specifically set out wanting to capture the cat and that your setting and environment may have been limited — so once again, kudos for experimenting with new things.

    • Well, some of that blending and matching of tone has to do with the general noise from the high ISO and more again from the noise reduction, which samples pixels near one another and blends them. It is a grey fridge with a black cat which does sort of blend naturally to an extent as you said, but they are a lot more contrasting if I take a shot of her at a low iso with a slower shutter speed and not use the noise reduction algorithm on it. Or, of course if I used some sort of extra light to make it easier to get a fast shutter speed.

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