Cats Climb Trees

So, the tree is up, which means our beautiful cat Ellie wants to climb it.  So as another Merry Christmas treat, here are photos of Ellie’s interaction with her favorite Christmas present every year.  The Tree.

And up near the top.

And then just to add some scope


6 responses to “Cats Climb Trees

  1. HA! These pictures are a lot of fun. Her face in the first one is so crisp and clear. I like the composition of the second one, even if the focus is not entirely on Ellie. And the last one is just funny — cat as tree topper.

    • I agree about the crispness, I wish I could always figure out a way to get that in my shots. What’s ironic is that was a 1/5sec exposure, and apparently she didn’t move AT ALL to get that kind of crispness. (I braced the camera on the ground for stability on that end of the photo)

      I tried to really show just how high she went in that last one and I think I did a good job, though I did not start all the way at the floor, which I might should have.

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