Avoca Handweavers

So, while in Ireland one of the places we visited was the Avoca Handweavers, the oldest wool mill in Ireland.  While we were there, I took several pictures, though most of them won’t make you think of wool or weaving.  Regardless, I thought I’d share them with everyone, or at least some of the ones I enjoyed.

To start with, the Irish all seemed very concerned with beautiful gardens.  Along the line of one of their buildings they had a group of hydrangeas.


Also, we found the manhole covers to be beautiful there.  I also really love the rocks around this cover.

Past that, we also entered into where they roll the wool.  Here is a photo of what the wool machine looked like, or at least 1 piece of it.


And finally, they had a little creek that went through their mill and it was a beautiful little area.  So I took a picture or two of it.


I hope you enjoyed our trip through Avoca.  It was a beautiful place to visit.


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