Clear Night, a Few Stars

So, I don’t live in the city, per-se, but I don’t exactly live in the country either, but I’ve always loved star photos.  I’ve failed and failed to get even remotely decent shots of them, it’s so hard to set things up with no camera shake, and no star trails (those buggers move fast) and everything else, so all of mine have sucked.

Regardless, tonight was a clear night, so I went out with my tripod and got some attempts in.  I have a few I’d like to share, but for tonight, I’m showing just one.

Canon T3i 18-55mm kit lens, ISO 1600, 18mm, f/3.5, 8seconds

There’s still some work to be done to get it where I want it, the stars aren’t super crisp yet, but that will come with more practice and some refining on my technique, but what do you guys think, not bad either?


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