Her Eyes Glow Like My Love For Her

I spent way more time on this photo than I have any right to.  I had the idea and really liked it, so I forced my wife to model for me.  She’s not the most willing model, but I think this shot was worth her effort.  My wife has my favorite kind of eyes, they are what most people would describe as “almond shaped” which always seem just slightly exotic to me.  She has a natural mix of brown, green and some yellow in them, and I just love to look into her eyes.  She had been at a Christmas party for the place where she does her hair, and they had done a make-over and I really liked how her eyes looked, so I had her stand close to the Christmas Tree and using only its light, took close-up shots of her eyes.

My main mistake on this is I did it hand held.  What that means is my shutter speed was 1/5 a second and well… my hands aren’t super steady, so if you look at the lights, they make little upside-down v’s.  But that’s ok, because I still love this shot.

I took the time to clean up her eyes a little (it was late, she was tired and they were a little red) then I over-saturized her actual eye, then desaturized the photo as a whole.  After that, I increased the orange and yellow saturation for the whole photo, and did a slight highlight tone to the whole thing to add warmth.  I also lowered the clarity a bit and over did the noise reduction to give it a soft feel.  This is my end result.  This photo just makes me happy and glad I picked up this hobby.  Everyone else could hate it, but looking at it makes me just so happy with the work I did on this as well as the shot itself.  I do hope you all enjoy it.

Canon T3i, handheld: ISO 3200, 55mm, f/5.6, 1/5 sec

And I know my title is cheesy, and my wife does read my blog, but that doesn’t change my opinion of any of this.


4 responses to “Her Eyes Glow Like My Love For Her

    • Thank You! I really like the end result. If you can get a friend to model for you it is a pretty easy shot to set up, but it really can give you good results. (in my opinion)

      I will say the ones I took last night with a tripod worked even better.

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