Two More Polar Bear Pictures

It’s been a while since I posted about Qannik our Polar Bear cub at the local zoo, so I decided I’ll post two shots that I took at the time and that I’m rather fond of.  The first shows that I’m obviously shooting through a window, but I love the interaction of Qannik and the kid behind the window, so I’m sharing it out.

And the second one, I did a lot to soften this out and make her look extremely peaceful.  I desaturated a lot of the colors and used a lot of noise reduction to make it not very sharp.  I thought that worked the best to get across the feel that I was in this moment with her.

I’m really fond of this second shot, it’s probably one of my favorites.  I don’t know, I just loved this little cub.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!


6 responses to “Two More Polar Bear Pictures

    • It is sad what is happening to their habitat, but she was rescued from the wild. She was separated from her mother at too young an age to survive alone, so she was rescued and airlifted to our zoo to be nursed back to health and taken care of. She’s in a much better situation than she would have been in if left alone.

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