Starry Treetops

So, I’ve been gazing at a few things longingly recently for photography.  I have liked silhouettes of leafless trees, and stars.  Now I got a shutter remote for Christmas, so I’ve been itching to use it on some stars, but the nights there were stars, it was bitter cold, and the warmer nights, we had clouds.  Well, today we had no clouds and a warm night, so off to the starscapes I went.

The first place I tried, didn’t work, there was WAY too much light still from town, but I tried and tried to find a way to get it to work. (Small lake lined with pines.  I wanted to get the reflection of the pines, and if I was lucky, maybe some of the stars would reflect as well)  Anyway, that site didn’t work out.

So I tried a secondary place that chose, solely for it’s distance from city light.  The downside was that there were lights at this site and nothing extremely interesting to put in the foreground.  The upside as that in general, the city lights were greatly reduced.  I’m going to have to hunt myself out a new spot to try out on the next clear, non-frigid night, but for now, I wanted to share what I WAS able to get.

I took the silhouette of the tops of some trees combined with the obvious starry night sky.  There’s nothing sensational about this picture, the milky way isn’t visible, the moon was in the sky so it caused a lot of stars to not be visible, but I’m happy with it, because finally, I’m starting to take star shots where the stars and the foreground are pretty crisp (harder than it sounds)  I’ve been messing with the camera trying to get it figured out how to just TAKE these shots, and I’m happy that I think I finally know what I’m doing, now I just have to find a good spot and the right time of night to get something a little more impressive.  Since the blog is about me learning and working though, I’m still sharing, so here we go.

Canon T3i, 18-55 f/3.5 EF-S kit lens: ISO 1600, 18mm, f/3.5, 14seconds

I also took the shot, and hit Black & White after exporting that, and was pleasantly surprised.  I dialed back the dark just a little bit, and shot out a black and white version as well.  Here it is:


Anyway, I know there is a lot to work on still, but I can definitely see a step in the right direction here, which makes me happy.


2 responses to “Starry Treetops

  1. I actually kind of like the ambient light along the horizon; it adds a nice quality I don’t think I would have gotten from stark black (blue) with tree silhouettes. Nice shot.

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