Catch the Ball

So, today I’m just sharing a few photos that make me happy to look at.  I know my lighting is bad and piper has an over-exposed ring around her in every shot that I couldn’t seem to process out, but when I sat in the shadowed part of the yard to take these shots, my wife kept throwing the ball directly at me, which was hard to photograph with.  So, for no other reason than to share the joy these photos bring me, a series of fetch shots from an uncharacteristically beautiful day in January.

Worth noting, is that many of these shots go back to back and the ball is generally bouncing off the fence toward Piper as she races down the yard.

The first aerial catch as the ball hits the back of her mouth, you can even see a little spit flying if you zoom in enough.

And this is still on the way down from that catch.

Click Continue Reading for 4 more shots of Piper fetching…

The next is another aerial shot as Piper tracks the ball through the air and makes the jump for the catch.

And right after the catch on the way down…

This is my personal favorite, I think it really shows her joy as she chases a ball (that she didn’t actually catch in flight, but it looks good anyway)

And finally, the obligatory, right in front of the mouth shot.  I have several more that show the ball right inside her mouth from a side angle, but of them all, this is the one that I personally liked the most and I didn’t want to put too many photos in one post.

And if this post made you yawn like the lion from the zoo, I’m sorry. 🙂


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