A Post to Cure the Itch

Well, I haven’t been posting much recently, partially because I haven’t been taking photos as much recently, and partially because I’ve been super busy, which is causing me not to take photos.  Regardless, I have a few photos stored up that I would like to share, so even without a new one today, here’s one that I want to show.

The old warehouse that I work at has old unused tunnels connecting some of the older buildings that have conveyors that are in disrepair and just sitting unused for years.  These tunnels are sometimes above ground, like the one I’m about to show you, and I just really enjoyed this silhouette shot.  Here is older packaging and bottles on the conveyor (probably left there by some workers going to get a break-time drink a few years ago) and a light coming in from a window down the hall.  I love how strong the light is down the way and the silhouette of the bottles and box.  I also like the bar coming down, blocking the window itself, which when unblocked basically made it almost impossible to photograph the scene.  This is just an interesting scene to me, not the best shot at all, but I like the area, the textures, the transitions in the walls, and the dark to light feel.  It’s a fun shot.


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