New Lens – A couple local birds

So, my insanely busy schedule isn’t lightening up any, and as a result, I have not gotten much photography in. (And by much, I mean any)  But my beautiful wife got me a brand new lens for Valentine’s Day, a Canon 100-300mm f4.5.  I had to go out and at least give it a try, because it’s new, and you have to.

So without a tripod, on an overcast day, I took it out in our front yard to see if I could find some local birds to attempt to get photos of.  I found 1 bird that I don’t know what it is (I also don’t really know much about birds) and one lady cardinal that I was able to get photos of.

Keep in mind, I did this solely because I wanted to test out my new lens, I didn’t do anything properly, like get a tripod or great bracing, or wait for good weather.  I just hand held a shot to birds in trees using spot metering.  But I just wanted to see what shots out of my new lens looked like, so here’s my first attempts shared with you, the public.

The first is the bird that I can’t identify.

Canon T3i: ISO 160, 170mm, f/7.1, 1/250 sec

The second is the female cardinal.  I saw her male friend briefly, but he was on his way gone by the time I got even remotely close, so no pictures of him.

Canon T3i: ISO 125, 195mm, f/7.1, 1/320 sec


So I know there is a lack of crispness from hand shake, but overall, I’m happy with the performance of the lens, so that’s what I wanted to get out of it.


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