Storms in Louisville

So, a huge storm went through the area where I live today and dropped hail and tornadoes.  We did not get any tornadoes near us, but we did get hail and high winds.  After the storm left, I walked outside with my camera to see what I could see and out of our backyard I spotted a rainbow!

I’ve never gotten to photograph a rainbow before, so I grabbed my camera and went back out.  I grabbed the first shot I could of it, and it was literally gone within a minute.  Here’s the photo I did get.


A much more satisfying shot that I was able to take was of the clouds clearing overhead and the sun coming out.  The unfortunate part is that I didn’t have any good scenery to put in the foreground, so I just focused on making the clouds as impactful as possible. So here are the clouds outside our house after the big storm.

I’m much happier with this photo than the rainbow, but I thought I’d share both anyway.


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