A Difference in Focus

So, both in Captiva and at home, I have recently been quite interested in birds.  I have two shots that I took, 1 in Florida and 1 at home, that have birds flying toward me.  In one, the focus is razor sharp on the bird, in the second, the focus is on the fence behind the bird that he was sitting on before he took off.  There’s such a difference in these two photos, and of course the focus makes all the difference.

The moral I’m hinting at is the difficulty with getting a solid flying shot, especially when the bird is flying toward you and there is a solid amount of objects behind them.  Here’s the two shots to compare.


And the second


2 responses to “A Difference in Focus

    • Thank you, I wish the bottom one did too, but I missed. Anyway, I was really happy with the one in Florida, I actually spent a decent amount of time getting that focused (as much as you can with something flying at you)

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