Deep in Thought

So the thing all photographers fear happened to me.  My hard drive crashed and I was racked with fear.  Luckily, I had recently implemented a backup solution (within a month ago) so the timing couldn’t have been better.  I saved all my RAWs, all my family photos, and the general edited versions of photos that I kept as a kind of screensaver (the ones I really liked).  Unfortunately, the many photos I had queued up to put on the blog when I found time to write, were all gone.  So, I’ve had to start over on that.

Instead of just picking the same photos I did before, I started to look through again, some of the photos that I wanted to experience and really decide what was worthwhile to post.  As it is now, my blog has been about learning.  Posting something that may or may not be my best work, but to get feedback and to share my learning experiences so others may be able to learn from them.  I’m in the process of deciding if I want to continue doing that, or if I want to just put up what I think are my “best shots”.

I love that people comment on my blog, but currently, most of my feedback is affirmation, “Love the bird, great shot, and keep it up” type comments, which I appreciate and they help me keep the desire to continue the blog.  However, my purpose was for people to see what I had done and suggest ways to improve, compositional changes, technical camera changes and editing changes.  While I got a bit of that in the beginning, I even went and would repost shots with changes in editing made to see how the feedback worked for me, it seems that has stopped happening.  So, I guess I need to decide what I want my blog to be, as I don’t feel it is fulfilling my current purpose, which is to get a group of minds together, to learn from one another, to constructively give feedback and to improve together.

Anyway, I’m taking my time right now, I’m living a busy life, and I’m seriously considering what I want to do with this site.  I’m deep in thought, staring off in the distance and trying to come to a decision.

Canon T3i, ISO 100, 210mm, f/6.3, 1/1000


2 responses to “Deep in Thought

  1. As an artist (I like to draw), i understand your desire for suggestions and constructive criticism. I don’t comment as much and as often as i want because my english isn’t good enough 😦

    Is this blog the only site you post your photos to?? I think it’s more likely to get the type of feedback you want if you post your work to photography-related forums (and maybe places like Flickr)

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