Piper Snow Ball

Piper Snow Ball by mypixelizedview
Piper Snow Ball, a photo by mypixelizedview on Flickr.

I have been practicing with Black and White (And a touch of color toning) in my photos recently and wanted to share this shot of Piper carrying one of her toys in the snow this winter. This was shot in January with my Canon T3i using my canon 50mm 1.8 lens.

The shot itself has these settings:
Canon T3i, 50mm, 1/2000 sec, f/3.5

What do you guys think?


Staring at a Black and White Page

First things first, I need your help.  I’m trying to figure out if my monitor’s brightness is too high, and it for some reason doesn’t have a “factory reset button”.  So I’m posting two pictures, the first one looks correctly exposed to me, the second looks too bright.  I move them to another monitor, and the first looks too dark.  Can you guys just leave a comment to let me know if the first photo is too dark, or the second is too light for you?  I would really appreciate the help.  And now to the normal blog post:

So, as I mentioned, there are a lot of certifications that are expected of me in a very short amount of time for my new job.  What comes with certifications?  Studying, staring at a bunch of text on a white page.  In light of the fact that I am being forced to stare at a bunch of black and white only, I’m bringing forth a black and white photo to share the love.

This is the tiger at our local zoo in black and white.  She’s really a beautiful creature, and I loved photographing her, so here’s me sharing her beauty.  I hope I did her justice.

Canon T3i – EX 75-300mm f/4-5.6 lens: ISO 320, 150mm, f/5.0, 1/200 sec

And here’s the lighter version.


And while I’m at it, I decided to just try out the sunset tree shot I did earlier in black and white.  After some editing, I found that I enjoyed the clouds a lot this way, so I’d share it too.  Nothing special, just another black and white shot.