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The, “I need to add a post, post” is on its way down, so here you go.

Birds fishing in the ocean while flying!


Anhinga Drying

I had a lot of trouble identifying what kind of bird this was, but I believe that it is an Anhinga that is drying.  Their feathers are not waterproof like many birds that hunt fish underwater, so once it has finished hunting, it must come out and dry itself before it can fly well.  Here is an Anhinga drying itself so it can take off after a hunt.  I particularly like the reflection in the water of him.  This is one of my favorite photos from Captiva.

Canon T3i, f5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO – 1000, 300mm

Osprey Nest

You may be asking yourself, who is this guy and where are his posts?  The answer is I’m nobody, and I’m lazy. 😛

Regardless, here is a photo from Captiva Florida.  Apparently Osprey Nests were everywhere in the area, and so as we passed one, I got the evil eye from one of their tenants.  In typical considerate fashion, I then took its picture.  So here is me getting the evil eye from an Osprey.

Canon T3i, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO 125, 210mm

Nom Nom Half a Fish

So, as we were out on a cruise ship enjoying our dolphinless dolphin cruise, we came upon an osprey nest, and out flew this osprey with half a fish in his claw!  The sad part is that instead of having a decent distance lens on my camera, I had my 50mm for taking photos of the dolphins who tend to play very close to the boats (when they show up).  So unfortunately, while I did grab a photo of this guy, to make the fish visible, I had to crop severely, and I could have taken this one as an up close and personal shot.  I’m sad about the lack of fine detail do to the distance, but still, I was so amazed to see the half fish in his claws, I just had to post this one up.  So here goes, an osprey who had his dinner interrupted by our cruise.

Canon T3i – f/4.5, 1/1000sec, ISO-100, 50mm

And just to show how severely cropped that is, here’s the original

A Difference in Focus

So, both in Captiva and at home, I have recently been quite interested in birds.  I have two shots that I took, 1 in Florida and 1 at home, that have birds flying toward me.  In one, the focus is razor sharp on the bird, in the second, the focus is on the fence behind the bird that he was sitting on before he took off.  There’s such a difference in these two photos, and of course the focus makes all the difference.

The moral I’m hinting at is the difficulty with getting a solid flying shot, especially when the bird is flying toward you and there is a solid amount of objects behind them.  Here’s the two shots to compare.


And the second

Chipping Sparrow in the Yard

I have a lot of pictures from Florida that will make their way onto the blog here in the near future, but for today, I just took this shot in my yard, and I liked it, so I thought I’d share.  This is a Chipping Sparrow and I love his cute little red head.  I hope you all enjoy him in his flower (read, weed) garden.

Canon T3i – f/5.6, 1/1000sec, ISO – 1250, 250mm