Piper Snow Ball

Piper Snow Ball by mypixelizedview
Piper Snow Ball, a photo by mypixelizedview on Flickr.

I have been practicing with Black and White (And a touch of color toning) in my photos recently and wanted to share this shot of Piper carrying one of her toys in the snow this winter. This was shot in January with my Canon T3i using my canon 50mm 1.8 lens.

The shot itself has these settings:
Canon T3i, 50mm, 1/2000 sec, f/3.5

What do you guys think?

Catch the Ball

So, today I’m just sharing a few photos that make me happy to look at.  I know my lighting is bad and piper has an over-exposed ring around her in every shot that I couldn’t seem to process out, but when I sat in the shadowed part of the yard to take these shots, my wife kept throwing the ball directly at me, which was hard to photograph with.  So, for no other reason than to share the joy these photos bring me, a series of fetch shots from an uncharacteristically beautiful day in January.

Worth noting, is that many of these shots go back to back and the ball is generally bouncing off the fence toward Piper as she races down the yard.

The first aerial catch as the ball hits the back of her mouth, you can even see a little spit flying if you zoom in enough.

And this is still on the way down from that catch.

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Two Piper Christmas Photos

So, I took a couple of shots of Piper laying under the tree during the Christmas holiday.  I developed them in two very different ways (other than doing both as HDR’s)

I don’t recall all the settings on the photos themselves, as they’ve been sitting in my blog folder waiting to be posted since December 12th, but I do want to share both and see which one you all like the both.

The first has an accurate white balance and a high detail level.  I like the way the shadows and hair on Piper make a very interesting texture and feel.  I also like the way the floor looks in this photo.  This is a photo that came out as a quite sharp shot and while the textures are interesting, I don’t think that the high detail level is flattering for my beautiful girl.  Regardless, here’s the first HDR photo.

The second photo uses the yellow/orange light of the Christmas lights to make a warmer shot.  I also spent time softening out the photo and getting rid of the somewhat harshly detailed feel of the first one. (They were both processed the same in Photomatix)

So this is the second shot.

Which one do you all like better and why?  Can you all think of things that I should or could have done differently in the photos either in composition or other technique?

The Puppy Eyes

So, in yesterday’s post I mentioned that today’s post would have Piper in it.  So it is time to look at the photos I took of Piper.  These were also taken with my new Canon T3i and the kit lens that came with it. (18-55mm)  I was trying to think of interesting angles and ways to get a picture of Piper, as she often makes some of the most interesting faces.  She has so much personality, and it needs to be captured, so here is another one of her favorite activities, which is tugging on a rope.

Photo One was taken at ISO 500, 21mm focal length, f/3.5 at 1/40sec.  I love the slight motion visible in this.

The second photo was taken at ISO 500, at 20mm, f/3.5 and a slower shutter speed of 1/30sec.  However, I got her in a stiller moment, so here she is in more of a freeze frame.


Finally, I took a shot of Piper’s eye, looking to get a little soul.  I’m not sure I succeeded at the soul, but I really love the coloring of this shot.  I did a duotone and I love the combinations of the green with the orange/golden color that is somewhat close to her natural color.

It was shot at ISO 1600, 55mm, f/5.6 and 1/8sec.  I’m surprised she stayed still enough for this photo.