Osprey Nest

You may be asking yourself, who is this guy and where are his posts? ¬†The answer is I’m nobody, and I’m lazy. ūüėõ

Regardless, here is a photo from Captiva Florida.  Apparently Osprey Nests were everywhere in the area, and so as we passed one, I got the evil eye from one of their tenants.  In typical considerate fashion, I then took its picture.  So here is me getting the evil eye from an Osprey.

Canon T3i, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO 125, 210mm


Nom Nom Half a Fish

So, as we were out on a cruise ship enjoying our dolphinless dolphin cruise, we came upon an osprey nest, and out flew this osprey with half a fish in his claw! ¬†The sad part is that instead of having a decent distance lens on my camera, I had my 50mm for taking photos of the dolphins who tend to play very close to the boats (when they show up). ¬†So unfortunately, while I did grab a photo of this guy, to make the fish visible, I had to crop severely, and I could have taken this one as an up close and personal shot. ¬†I’m sad about the lack of fine detail do to the distance, but still, I was so amazed to see the half fish in his claws, I just had to post this one up. ¬†So here goes, an osprey who had his dinner interrupted by our cruise.

Canon T3i – f/4.5, 1/1000sec, ISO-100, 50mm

And just to show how severely cropped that is, here’s the original