I’m a beginning photographer who caught the bug just before leaving on a big trip to Ireland.  I’ve spent a lot of my recent time online learning about photography, how to compose images, how to edit them, what looks good and what doesn’t.  I sat there and read all of this information, and I learned something very important about myself, when I sit behind a camera and see something interesting or beautiful, I’m not sure my brain has the capacity for these extra little things, at least not yet.

I started out wanting to give the technical everything for every shot.  Here were my camera settings, the time of day, what programs I used, what sliders I adjusted, how I changed the image from where it started.  I found out, I suck at keeping track of these things and writing them down!  Not only that, while I may naturally be an anal-retentive sort of guy, I prefer to let these things flow, taking the time to pay attention to that makes me stop enjoying what I’m doing.

So, I’ve just decided, here’s my goal:

I’m practicing, I’m placing myself out there for people to see, I’m trying to make several posts a week in the hopes that people who know more than I, will see my work and suggest ways to improve; that I can have an organic experience that helps enlighten me and perhaps helps enlighten others as well.  Here’s to enjoying life, capturing it and putting it out there for others to see, we paint in light, I hope others enjoy my paintings.